Sunday, January 25, 2009

Revisiting Those "V" Breakouts

Back in November when the financial media was brimming with false optimism and lighting their 500th "bottom" candle I was taking the other side as usual. Most bear markets are NOT resolved with a V bottom, and at the time I posted some charts. These moves are usually reactionary, vicious, and prompted by panic short covering. The bone heads on TV will yell bottom, but it is anything but a bottom.

The following is the performance of the names on that list as of the close on Friday.

AA -17%

XLF -30% ( was 40%)

WFC - 45%

SSO - 16.6%

BAC - 61%

The true atrocity is that the pundits who made the bullish rebel yells were the same one doing it at 14000 and they still get a microphone and a camera on a daily basis. Go figure.


jeff said...

upside love the blog, but sir the white on black is rough on my eyes! uuh.... been meaning to say so for awhile. you don't need to make a visual statement sir, it's not like your writing sux.i know you can ease it a bit you have a way better look on the twitter . just sayin.

upsidetrader said...

hey ur not the first-there will be some cool changes to the blog soon and it will addreess your problem--hang in there

ahab said...

bright white is not much better. Gray is my favorite. BTW check out this Onion story

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