Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weekend Linky Dinks

Happy Saturday and my final Happy New Year wish. I grabbed a 3% return in the S&P yesterday and have decided to capture that gargantuan gain and quit trading for the year. Kidding of course, enjoy the links.

Saving the world one bank at a time-Citi style.

Steel wants government orders, will they want a bailout next?

"Expert" predictions from the U.K.

Task and Blodgett waxing bearish.

My buddy Howard Lindzon and his friends make some 2009 Web predictions.

If you have to own a bank, USB is one that I never had a big problem with.

I think Obama is low balling 10% unemployment, but that's just me.

If Wave 4 is for real, there could be one hell of a tradeable rally on its way.

Adam Warner talks about trading the Leveraged ETF's.

Tim Knight is cautious, so listen, he's been right.

A true grifter will take your money until the bitter end. It's just in their DNA.

Why 2009 will be worse.

Why we keep falling for financial scams

My buddy Phil Pearlman is back to blogging, long overdue, check him out.


Trader Kirk said...


I’ve been following your blog a little while now and really like your opinions. I was wondering though, if we could possibly help each other drive traffic to our sites? I started a blog as well - If you are interested, could we post links to each other’s blog?

Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks in advance for any help.



Ragin' Cajun said...

Still waiting for your stock of the year pick.

upsidetrader said...

it was kinda sorta in my "look ahead" post which included short IYR, RTH and long SKF, but I will probably get one specific one out soon.

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