Friday, January 2, 2009


This trade was easy, they filled their gaps, now comes the hard part. Continuations or givebacks?


Sail Away said...

On your TLT graph, are there also gaps at the 105 & 100 levels that you think might be filled?

It seems like there's one on the TBT graph as well at the 55 level...

Good calls!

Do you ever miss the hedge fund, or are you doing too well trading on your own to miss it?

Keep up the good analysis!


upsidetrader said...

lately i've missed it a bit more, it would be nice to make people $ again, especially when they have been so hurt in this environment

upsidetrader said...

and i see those gaps and although not as pronounced cud get filled, still a ways off though

Bill said...

I know I am an idiot...but what is/are 'Govies'?

upsidetrader said...

government paper,bills, notes,bonds etc

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