Thursday, February 19, 2009

Freaky Friday

So Geithner, Paulson and Bernanke walk into a bar and....sorry I digress.

World markets are lower and U.K. repossessions have climbed to a 12 year high as banks seize 40,000 properties. Not a surprise, and we knew it was coming, but the headline damage is what we have to worry about. Japan's Topix is at the worst level since 1984 and UBS tumbled 16% as America sues them for enabling 52000 of our tax payers to hide money offshore and avoid taxes.

Today is a pivotal day, will we bounce and see a short covering rally near the close or just fall further into the abyss? Good luck.


OBTrice said...

Thanks for all your work.

I was wondering if you had a post about using the 5/20 SMA with stocks, and how to trade the setups.

Thanks again,

upsidetrader said...

hey pat-i do actually have a few in my aechives but i never tagged it so it might be hard to find-i will do a series soon

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