Monday, February 23, 2009

Laugh Out Loud

I don't know what the bigger tragedy was that occurred last night, Mickey Rourke getting jipped at the Oscars or the market trading up on a move toward full blown nationalization. The only difference in my opinion is that Mickey will be back, but the financials won't.

I'm getting ready for max pain as the"free" markets will soon realize the reality of this move to full blown socialism.


Tony said...

Very odd, I agree. I thought the "N" word was bad? But by the same token, I don't know how much of this price movement is really due to news from Geithner or Obama, etc. These companies have tons of bad debt and no earnings. Full stop.

I know it's fun to blame the political figures, but isn't this just a technical bounce?

upsidetrader said...

bounce is all

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