Thursday, March 26, 2009

Daniel Hannan

This video is just wonderful, where is our Daniel Hannan?


Dan Reich said...

Probably locked in a room somewhere..V for Vandetta style. No allman brothers for him.

Jonny said...

Now here's a sign of how neutered we've become. Some posh English bloke has a very eloquent pop at Gordon Brown and the internet has got it's knickers in a twist with excitement.

a) It's not that wonderful. He's only stating his opinion (again, poshly)and telling Gordon what he thinks. This used to happen in parliament every day when I was a kid. I know because we heard it on the radio and TV.

b) The right are frothing at the mouth about this video. But let me ask you this: Can you even begin to imagine the fall out if someone of any significance whatsoever had spoken to GWB like this? Just think about that. Even when he was a proven liar - PROVEN beyond doubt by documented facts, over and over - the press and opposition would not use the word 'lie' in public. The word was vanished from the language of polite discourse for 5 years.

Which all goes to show that our collective reaction to this posh fellow venting a few minutes of wordy spleen at Gordon Brown is as big a symbol of the depths to which we have sunk as anything else you or I could reasonably point at this evening.

One of the biggest reasons that we are in this mess is because politics and the media have lost their balls. They're both too damn polite and too afraid of their own shadows. And we the people are too cowed by them.

Freedom of speech wasn't enshrined in the constitution so that I could write this comment, it was put there to preserve a fourth estate - the media - so that they, in turn, could keep government and the branches of govt. (I'm including the Fed here...) honest.

That was their only job.

Not Lindsay Lohan's tits.

That was never their job.

Protecting us from THEM. That was their job.

And that, ultimately, is why old media will die. Not because of the internet, but because of their collaboration in the willful destruction of our society by greedy people with no morals.

upsidetrader said...


bravo-thanks for the thoughts

upsidetrader said...

how's the hangover?

Dan Reich said...

Hangover will be better once I win my 500 person NCAA pool, take my winnings and spend it all on riot gear. Civil unrest coming soon...

ukipwebmaster said...

In case you missed it here is the earlier one:

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