Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We'll..... Uhmmm....... Be Fine


Jonny said...

Glad you included a picture of W. That thieving, lying SOB is pretty much skating by thru all of this which is pretty incredible. But then that's our 'liberal' media for ya!

upsidetrader said...

Subject: appreciate what you do, thx, what do you think that GS is the root
of most of our problems

Joe, Not to be a complete conspiracy theorist but the facts are the facts.=
GS and Pimco buy significant amount of CDS on Lehman gaining more than a=
$1 on a $1 worth of assets, less competition for GS, and make money at sam=
e time. Save AIG b/c GS has too much on the line from the same CDS. Why i=
sthe possibility of the suspension of Mark to Mark Accounting finally seem =
to be happening? If you ask Issac, Seidman or McTear who have been asking =
for this for a year, who had the most to gain from leaving it the way it wa=
s GS. Their positions both long and short have benefited from this. Paul=
son help arrange many of the CDS when he headed GS. I know you don't care =
for the uptick rule to be reinstated, but people who generally short the ma=
rket can make things happen a lot faster when you don't wait for an uptick.=
MS was almost taken down back in November with all the short sales. Gene=
rally , people who make their living on the short side clearly benefit from=
no uptick rule (GS again!) I read your links with great interest and some=
suggest GS is guilty. It's kind of like those scums at Pimco who made 1.7=
for every $1 they invested in Lehman as the CDS's dont fall under the bank=
rupcy code. Now they are one of the beneficiaries of running this TALF or =
TARP program and will be able to make billions at the taxpayers expense. P=
IMCO is constantly talking up their positions indirectly by advising the Go=
vn't to essentially bail out the positions that they own. I don't know. I=
t's been a long day. I just wanted to thank you for your site and your wor=
k. I wish I started following it a year or 2 ago. Just wanted to send you=
my thoughts b/c I think you could take the facts and write them more succinkly=
.. BTW, please send a note to Todd Stot and ask him whether it was hi=
s Great Grandmother or Grandmother 's house that I passed everyday walking =
to Ridge School in ridgewood when his dad was pitching for the Yanks.

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